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Vital Greens

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Vital Greens

Vital Greens is a nutrient and enzyme-rich, complete `Superfood` which contains 76 nutrients essential to deliver optimal health, energy and vitality to every cell in the body.

  • Maximum absorption and bio-availability of nutrients in this form compared to tablets and capsules.
  • Comprehensive, synergistic 76 ingredients.
  • Majority of nutrients are food sourced.
  • Certified organic ingredients.
  • Correct ratio of minerals and trace elements.
  • Enhances acid/alkaline balance.


Detoxifier/Cleanser - detoxifying and gently cleansing your colon, liver and working on every single cell in the body. The unique combination of nutrients will help your body progressively eliminate waste which builds up on the bowel walls, cleansing the liver which is the body`s main filter organ and emulsify fat helping to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Energiser/Alkaliser - Vital Greens contains many superfoods to help give you more energy, feel more vibrant and less sluggish and stressed. Alkalinity is promoted which results in feeling more balanced and alive.

Well-Being Promoter - Vital Greens contains potent antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs boosting stamina, endurance and the immune system. Powerful phyto-nutrients building health from the very basics of the cell. There are no less than 2 pro-biotics in Greens.

Mental Acuity Sharpener - Vital Greens contains Lecithin, Rosemary and Co-Enzyme Q-10 which may help increase mental acuity, focus and concentration.

Ingredients per 10 Gram Serve

Organic Spirulina - 1,000mg

Lecithin (95% Phosphatides) - 1,000mg

PhytoProtein’ Pea Protein Isolate 88% - 928mg

Organic Apple Powder - 666mg

Citrus Bioflavanoid Extract - 500mg

Globe Artichoke extract (15:1) equiv. - 500mg

Organic Inulin (F.O.S. Pre-Biotics) - 416mg

Calcium Citrate - 333mg

Organic Wheatgrass Powder - 333mg

Chlorella Powder - 333mg

Organic Alfalfa Powder - 333mg

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - 333mg

Organic Flaxseed Powder - 333mg

Barley leaf Powder - 292mg

Acerola Fruit Juice Powder Extract (10:1) equiv. - 266mg

Organic Broccholi Flower Powder - 250mg

Carica Papaya Powder - 250mg

Pineapple Fresh Fruit concentrate (10:1) - 240mg

Brown Rice Bran - 233mg

Potassium phosphate (Dibasic) - 233mg

Bilberry Fresh Fruit Extract (100:1) equiv. - 200mg

Rosehip Fruit Powder - 166mg

Magnesium Citrate - 166mg

Red Beet Juice powder - 166mg

Citric Acid (Anhydrous) - 150mg

D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate (Vitamin E) - 147mg

Carrot Root Powder - 83mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid - 66mg

Grapeseed Extract (120:1) (std.95%O.P.C.) equiv. - 66mg

Green Tea Extract (10:1) equiv. - 66mg

Cocoa Bean Polyphenol Extract equiv. - 66mg

Gotu Kola Extract (4:1) equiv. - 66mg

Rosemary Leaf Extract (4:1) equiv. - 66mg

Organic Spinach Leaf Powder - 66mg

Siberian Ginseng Root Extract (10:1) equiv. - 66mg

Astragalus Root Extract (20:1) equiv. - 66mg

Ginger Rhizome Powder equiv. - 66mg

Licorice Root Powder - 66mg

Bromelain - 54mg

Wolfberry (Go-ji) Fruit Extract (5:1) equiv. - 33mg

Dandelion Root Extract (5:1) equiv. - 33mg

Calcium Phosphate - 33mg

Colloidal Silica (Anhydrous) - 29mg

Hawthorne Fruit Extract (4:1) equiv. - 29mg

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) Mushroom Powder - 20mg

Shitake Mushroom Powder - 20mg

Burdock Root Powder - 20mg

Slippery Elm Bark Powder - 20mg

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate - 16mg

Nicotinic Acid (Vitamin B3) - 15mg

Resveratrol - 10mg

Kelp Whole Plant Powder - 8mg

Co-enzyme Q-10 (Ubidecaronene) - 8mg

Beta Glucans - 5mg

Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) - 2.9mg

Pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6) - 2.6mg

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) - 2.3mg

Beta-Carotene (Pro-Vitamin A) - 2mg

Riboflavine (Vitamin B2) - 1.6mg

Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) - 1.6mg

Manganese Amino Acid Chelate - 1.6mg

Biotin - 275mcg

Folic Acid - 292mcg

Chromium Picolinate - 83mcg

Seleno-Methionine - 40mcg

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) - 23mcg

Copper Gluconate - 1.25mcg

Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) - 92i.u.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

(freeze dried Dairy-Free Pro-Biotic) - 3 billion

Bifidobacterium bifidum

(freeze dried Dairy-Free Pro-Biotic) - 3 billion

Contains certified organic ingredients. Some ingredients are not certifiable or not certified organic.


Adults - Dissolve 10g (two heaped tablespoon) into 200-300mls of water, non-acidic juice, or milk, once a day. Ideally on an empty stomach & before breakfast.

Children 6-12 years - One heaped teaspoon (5g) daily.

Children 3-6 years - Half teaspoon (2.5g) daily.

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