Returns and Refunds Procedures

Returns and Refunds

The following sets out SUPER Discount Supplements Returns and Refunds Procedures.

We do not offer a refund, replacement or exchange if you change your mind about a product or products you have purchased from SUPER discount supplements, so please choose what you wish to order carefully and make sure what you purchase is exactly what you need. If you are unhappy with the flavour of a product you have purchased we do not offer a refund or exchange.

Incorrect orders

When you receive your order from us and you identify that it is incorrect in anyway, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your order to advise us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for replacement, return or a refund. - refunds are issued to either your credit card - Visa or Mastercard, Paypal account or via EFT.

You may call us if you wish on 02 9972 9966, however, it is best to advise us via email at  . . . Contact Super Discount Supplements

If your order or part of your order is incorrect due to an error by Super Discount Supplements, it will be replaced at no additional charge to you or a full refund of the initial charge for the product or products will be given upon the order being returned to Super Discount Supplements. The costs of the returning the order or product/s will be paid for by Super Discount Supplements.

Super Discount Supplements cannot accept for return any product if the packaging is damaged, the seal has been opened or the product used in any way, unless the product concerned is considered to be faulty after it is opened.

Damaged and faulty products

If a product/s is damaged or you consider it to be faulty please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your order and we will advise you if the product/s are to be returned and replaced or a refund is to be issued. - refunds are issued to either your credit card - Visa or Mastercard, Paypal account or via EFT.

Generally if any product you order from us is considered to be faulty we wish to have it returned to us so that it can be passed on to the supplier of that product for review as part of ensuring product standards and quality are maintained.

Note - All product/s or order returns should be sent to Super Discount Supplements postal address within 3-7 days of receipt of your order.

You have an adverse reaction to a product

If you have an adverse reaction to a product, please stop taking the product immediately and contact SUPER discount supplements so we can report the reaction to the manufacturer or supplier.  The product will more than likely need to be returned to SUPER discount supplements so it can be evaluated by the manufacturer or supplier.

If the supplier or manufacturer deems the product to be at fault a refund or exchange will be issued, please note this is at the discretion of the supplier or manufacturer of the product.

If you have chemical and food sensitivities, are on other prescribed medications, or have a history of adverse reaction to nutritional supplements, you should check all ingredients and seek advice from your own health care professional before purchasing a product.

If you have been advised to stop taking a product by your doctor, medical or healthcare professional

We are unable to offer a refund on product/s if you have been advised to stop taking them by your healthcare professional.

If you are under the supervision of a healthcare professional for a specific medical condition or are using other prescribed medication, please check with your healthcare professional before purchasing product/s form SUPER discount supplements.

Postal Address for all product or order returns

Attention - Online Business Manager
Super Discount Supplements
Suite 2
681 Pittwater Road
Dee Why    NSW   2099

Order Acceptance and Limitations

There may be orders that we are unable to accept. Some of the situations that may result in this occurring include; supplier limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, product or ingredient restrictions required by local, state, national regulatory bodies or potential credit card fraud. The latter may require additional verification of information from you before accepting your order; however, we will always contact you to advise you if any of the above should occur.

If your order is cancelled after your credit card payment has been made and before the order has been dispatched to you, we will only issue a credit to the same credit card used to place that order. If the order has been dispatched to you, then our current return of goods and credits policy applies accordingly.

Super Discount Supplements fully supports and adheres to all national (Australian) therapeutic regulations regarding the sale, purchase and shipment of any product or product ingredients that are restricted or prohibited by any health department legislation, regulations and law in Australia.

Size of Orders

Generally there is no limitation on the size or value of an order that you can place with us provided the credit card payment is approved and our online service is only available to the Australian general public and individuals.

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