Support your immune system this winter

Support your immune system this winter

As the morning chill settles with dreaded familiarity, you may be thinking about ways to stay healthy through winter – making sure you keep one step ahead of that winter cold or flu. The good news is there’s plenty you can do right now, for both you and your family, to provide extra support for your immune system to help manage symptoms of colds and flu if they arise.

The immune system plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. Made up of both cells and organs, the immune system fights off pathogens and other organisms, working hard behind the scenes to keep the body functioning well day in day out.

Looking after our immune system requires commitment. Our immune system relies on us to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables so it can get enough of the nutrients it needs to work. It also needs us to get enough sleep, so it can go about the very important job of repair while the body’s at rest.

The important role the immune system plays can be supported with nutrients such a vitamins C and D and zinc as well as herbs such as Echinacea and the increasingly popular medicinal mushrooms. These herbs and nutrients are all known for their role in supporting both immune system health and function.

Vitamin C 1000 Plus
Vitamin C can be found in a large range of fruits and vegetables and is needed for many functions in the body including supporting immune, bone, skin and blood vessel health, as well as functioning as an important antioxidant. The body is unable to store vitamin C so we must consume adequate amounts in our diet to keep up healthy levels. Herbs of Gold Vitamin C 1000 Plus is a high potency vitamin C complex containing citrus bioflavonoids and zinc to support immune system health. Citrus fruits naturally contain high amounts of vitamin C, with the bioflavonoids known for their strong antioxidant effect. See Vitamin C 1000 Plus.

Mushroom 5 Complex
Mushrooms have traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. In fact, there are close to 300 different species of mushrooms that have been identified to have medicinal qualities. Herbs of Gold Mushroom 5 Complex contains a synergistic blend of 5 mushroom extracts to support healthy immune system function and immune system health. The medicinal mushrooms Snow fungus, Reishi and Cordyceps all have traditional use for enhancing lung health while also reducing and relieving coughs. Reishi and Cordyceps have also been used traditionally in Chinese medicine to loosen chest phlegm and clear respiratory tract mucous. As an additional medicinal benefit, mushrooms also demonstrate antioxidant activity, helping to fight free radicals formed in the body. See Mushroom 5 Complex.

Children’s Immune Care
A child’s immune system is delicate, gradually developing and maturing as the years go by. Until their immune systems are fully functional, children are at an increased risk of catching colds and flu. Echinacea is a popular and well recognised herb, suitable for use in both adults and children alike. Herbs of Gold Children’s Immune Care uses the root and rhizome of the Echinacea purpurea plant, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support the immune system in fighting illness, while also relieving symptoms of common colds and flu if they arise. This great-tasting formula also includes vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, all known for the important role they play in supporting immune system health in children. See Children’s Immune Care.


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