Chlorophyll is one of natures powerful detoxifiers

As the most abundant pigment in nature, chlorophyll is naturally present in a nutritious diet and is available in high levels in leafy green vegetables such as spinach and parsley, but did you know that consuming liquid chlorophyll daily has many additional health benefits?

Letís take a look at the benefits of taking liquid chlorophyll to supplement your diet.

Natural alkalizer

It is important to consume a liquid chlorophyll that contains alfalfa juice, which is a rich natural source of chlorophyll thatís regarded as highly alkalising.  By adding it to your water bottle, fresh vegetable or fruit juice each day, it helps to naturally maintain a healthy acid and alkali balance within your body.

Reduce body order and smell sweet as a rose

Body odour is an embarrassing problem and can cause much social and personal anxiety. Research has shown that when taken internally, chlorophyll and chlorophyllin have the ability to neutralise unpleasant body odours. For example, a small study published in the journal Postgraduate Medicine found that consuming chlorophyllin reduces underarm odour - even after strenuous exercise by as much as 80% or in some cases even more.

Chlorophyll is also known to be beneficial as a mouth wash to help reduce bad breath.

Power up your detox

If youíre drinking fresh vegetable juices or taking herbal remedies to detox, consider adding some liquid chlorophyll for added detox support.

Clinical research suggests that as well as being high in antioxidants, chlorophyll and the related compound chlorophyllin may have the ability to bind to some toxins, preventing them from being absorbed by the body.  At the same time, chlorophyllin appears to trigger the action of key enzymes that drive the bodyís natural processes for neutralising and eliminating toxins.

What should I look for in liquid chlorophyll?

There are many liquid chlorophylls to choose from at your local health food store, however, not all of them taste great, or are preservative free.

One liquid chlorophyll that is derived from Alfalfa and Mulberry leaves, tastes great and has a refreshing minty flavour is made by Natureís Sunshine. In addition it is preservative and paraben free and is naturally sweetened with vegetable glycerine, which is derived from coconut.  

By adding just 15 ml of Natureís Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll to your water or juice each day this provides 60 mg of chlorophylls - approximately the same amount youíd get from eating 2Ĺ cups of spinach.

So if you are looking for a great alkalising and detoxifying supplement look no further than Liquid Chlorophyll from Natureís Sunshine.

Written by Sarah Chambers
Sarah holds a Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy, Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Bachelor of Visual Arts.  Using her unique combination of skills, passion and experience in health and wellbeing Sarah loves to share her knowledge and help people achieve their best health and wellbeing.

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