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ASN HP 100 Premium Protein Powder

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ASN HP 100 Premium Protein Powder

100% Hydrolysed Peptide Isolated Protein from Whey (Growth Factor Extract)

Using Advanced `NANO` Filtration TECHNOLOGY

  • More Growth & Immune Factors than any other protein
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Protein
  • Nano Technology Processed Hydrolyzed Isolated Whey Peptides and BCAA`s
  • Lab tested for quality
  • The Fastest Absorbing Protein in the World!
  • Guaranteed Lactose free
  • Very Low Carb and Fat
  • The biggest muscle building protein of all time
  • Over 4 times more potent than any other protein!
  • Aspartame Free
  • A Protein Which Shows Results Within 14 Days!

How Does HP-100 Deliver Serious Muscle Mass and build muscle fast?

This is not your average food grade protein processed from whey protein. This is the anabolic champion of all proteins. The most advanced protein in the world. A pharmaceutical protein developed using NANO Technology to provide muscle building and health benefits beyond anything that has been seen before. Isolated growth and immune factors, also providing high levels of BCAA`s. For muscle building; the incredible results that HP-100 can provide take place because it not only provides the building blocks for developing muscle, it also provides specific peptides that tell your body to build muscle. Other proteins can only supply the building blocks, the individual amino acids. For recovery; HP-100 is the ultimate protein, being developed using NANO Technology it can be absorbed into the body within 5 minutes. That`s 25 minutes faster than any other protein! After exercise, the body will mobilise and sacrifice muscle protein (amino acids) in an attempt to restore energy levels. This then effects muscle recovery and growth.

To provide the optimal environment for recuperation and growth we must supply a high concentration of amino acids and growth factors immediately after training to stimulate protein synthesis. The problem is most proteins are too slow to enter muscle cells straight after training because it has to be digested. HP-100 however overcomes this problem, the only protein to do so. Because HP-100 was designed using advanced `NANO` technology and controlled hydrolysis techniques, it provides intact`digested` growth and immune factors with an array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAA`s, ready for immediate absorption. When taken straight after training, muscle cells literally`gorge` themselves full of peptide amino acids provided by HP-100 to signal anabolism within the muscle cell. This provides accelerated maximum muscle growth and recovery.

Faster Absorption - No Stomach Upsets & Bloating - Effortless Mixing

Because HP-100 contains isolated and separate peptides within the powder, they are easily dispersed in water when mixed in a drink shaker. One serve (28g), provides over 90% protein, and easily mixes in only 300ml of water, providing a great tasting protein drink. Because HP-100 is mixed in only a small amount of water, it makes it very easy to consume directly after training. "It`s just like having a shot of protein after exercise!"

Recommended Dosage

Add 1 heaped scoop (28g) to 200ml (8fl.oz.) of cold water in a drink shaker. Mix well and consume.

Take 1 serve, 2-3 times a day.

For Athletes

For optimum results, take 1 serve upon waking, 1 serve approx. 30 minutes before exercise, another serving straight after exercise and a serving before going to bed.

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