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enlarge Cabot Health Glutamine Plus Colostrum Powder

Cabot Health Glutamine Plus Colostrum Powder

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Cabot Health Glutamine Plus Colostrum Powder

Unique Properties

• Contains high dose pure L-glutamine along with natural bovine colostrum.
• No fillers or excipients used.
• Powder is free of gluten, yeast, starch, sugar and artificial ingredients.


• Is a natural amino acid that is vital for healthy intestinal function.
• May be helpful for inflammation of the intestinal tract.
• Is vital for muscle growth and healthy muscle function. It is necessary for protein synthesis in new muscle cells and is useful for fitness enthusiasts and body builders. It assists muscle recovery after exercise.
• Supports efficient brain function and has been called the `thinker’s amino acid`.
• Is an integral component of glutathione, which is the body’s most potent antioxidant and detoxifier. Therefore L-glutamine is a valuable addition to any detoxification regime.


• Is a natural pre-milk compound which supports healthy immune function.
• Is useful for compromised immune function.

Colostrum is a cow’s milk derivative, therefore not suitable for individuals allergic to cow’s milk. Contains lactose.

Active ingredients

L-glutamine - 91%
Colostrum - 9%
Containing 15-20% IgG
Each rounded 5 mL metric teaspoon provides 5000 mg (5 grams) of pure L-glutamine and 0.5 grams colostrum.

Directions for use

Adults take 1 rounded 5mL metric teaspoon and dissolve in water or juice. Can also be sprinkled on cold food. Do not add to hot foods or liquids.

Always read the label.  Use only as directed.  If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Cabot Health
Category: Amino Acids
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